About Us

Shepshed Optics has been trading for more than 15 years. We have a strong reputation for providing a quality reliable service at a competitive price.

We like to develop long term relationships with our customers. This approach has paid off and word of mouth has enabled us to grow to our current size. We do our very best not to let our customers down. If you treat your Patients the same, you will appreciate the premium service we offer.

We have found that there are many Independent Optometrists who want to distance themselves from the budget glazing service that some Prescription Houses and Manufacturers offer. We do our very best to provide a personal service and customer support that is second to none. Our rigorous final inspection processes ensure that all frames are set up, rim screws Loctited, O.C’s, seg heights, fitting crosses, powers and axis etc are accurate, MAR’s are high quality, lenses are secure and so on.


Our Dedication to You

We glaze every lens on the day we receive it to keep delivery times to a minimum. This means your Patients get what they want when they want it rather than having to wait! If we help to make you look good, your Patients recommend you and we both benefit!

Although some of our customers send us all their glazing work, some have their own Lab and send us their more complicated dispensings. This trust and confidence they have in us has been built up over many years.

Our Team

We currently have four full-time Technicians. Each has over 15 years glazing experience and works to extremely high standards. This helps ensure that we can get things right first time. Their work is split into its various categories and delegated to the most suitable Technician or machine. If you want your Patients spectacles to be glazed at the cheapest possible prices by un-skilled button pushers, you’ve come to the wrong place!


What we can offer...

We have some of the best glazing machinery available from Essilor, Nidek and Briot. We also have a stand-alone CNC rimless drilling machine. This ensures we are able to cope with any aspect of glazed prescription work including some of the frames that some other prescription houses simply can’t glaze correctly.

We have a close relationship with Hoya and we have accounts with most other lens manufacturers. We order our lenses using various computer programs to ensure they are surfaced accurately and are received as fast as possible. This helps us to deliver the speedy, efficient and quality of service that our customers want.

Some Prescription houses supply lenses surfaced to standard blanks sizes. If your lenses are arriving thicker than you think they should be, it’s probably because only the minimum amount of data is being entered into the lens generator. We choose to include the Patient and frame data, along with the prescription and lens choice into the computerised lens order. It takes more time, but ensures lenses are the correct substance and meets everyone’s expectations.